Three-way Internal Thread Copper Core Plug Valve

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Short Description
 Model No.: X14T-1.0    Hits: 1044
China Three-way Internal Thread Copper Core Plug Valve manufacturer Xinhai offers 3-way Internal Thread Copper Core Plug Valve in cast copper, PN1.0.

Key Specifications / Features

Three-way internal thread copper core plug valve is applicable for water, steam, oil
Working temperature: ≤100℃
Medium & temperature
Nominal Pressure
Testing Pressure PS(MPa)
Applicable Medium Working Temperature(℃)
Shell Sealing
X14T-1.0 1.0 1.5 1.1 Water, steam, oil ≤100
Nominal Diameter
Pipe Thread
H L h □S
15 1/2 117 85 30 12
20 3/4 126 90 34 16
25 1 160 110 42 18
32 11/4 176 130 48 18
40 11/2 210 150 64 26
50 2 238 170 76 28
65 21/2 250 220 80 30
80 3 340 250 115 38
100 4 350 300 125 42
Model Body Plug Packing Gland Packing
Cast steel
Cast copper
Cast steel
Oil immersed asbestos plate+
flexible graphite

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